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Bahamas Private Tours

If you are coming to Bahamas, then you might like to make the most of your time here by booking a guided tour with us.

There are so many great things to see here in The Bahamas, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to your tour. 

There are places of natural beauty, historical landmarks, restaurants and cafes, art galleries, places to shop for locally made products and much more. Whatever you enjoy, there will be something for you.

Remember, I love to help you design your own personalized tour! 

We can discuss exactly what types of things you enjoy doing and so your tour can include everything you would like to see or do. 

Together, we will design a tour just for you, to fit your desires. In my mind, this is much better than the mass-market tours, where you are forced to go with the crowd. 

With my tours, you get a genuinely personalized experience, made just for you requirements

Even better, your tour can include my very own home cooking - home made Bahamian cuisine that will be tailored to your tastes, just let me know what sort of things you like


Examples of Our Bahamas Tours

Below are just a couple of examples of popular tours that our customers enjoy. Of course, we will design your tour around exactly what you love to do and what you would like to see - no problem.


Example 1:

Full day out including picnic lunch (minimum 8 hours)

With this tour you get an amazing day out and will see many sites around the island, you will get a feel of what life is like here, an insight into the wonderful history of the island and the hidden beauty within

The full day trip can include the most popular landmark here, The 66 Steps, snorkelling at Jaws beach, a lovely beach where you will be away from all the tourists, a picnic lunch including all your beverages, kept cold on ice

When you email of call, let me know what you like and we can design the tour just for you. 


Example 2: 

Tourist sightseeing and shopping tour (3 hours)

this trip can be designed around your interests, but could, for example include a trip to Paradise Island (including Atlantis), The 66 Steps, Jaws Beach and still have time for some souvenir shopping

On the shopping front, I can help and advice you on the sort of prices you should be paying and help you negotiate. That way you can know you are not being ripped-off, but instead getting a good fair price on what you buy


More Suggestions

Just a few more thoughts and ideas, you might be interested in when you come to visit The Bahamas:

- The bat cave ( where there there is a kissing chair)                                                                                                                        

- A conch demo (guests can try freshly made conch salad)                                                                                  

- A rum distillery                                                                                                                                                                                        

- Beautiful Bahamian beaches


More Info

Drinks are included in the tours. (Bahama Mama, beers, sodas, water) the guest can decide which drinks they will like for the tour.

The entrance fee to most of the historical sites are $1.00                                                                                        

My tours are private - you can add or take away whatever you would like from any tours suggested here, or during our email or telephone chats.                                                                                                                                           

I have car and booster seats. (free of charge)                                                                                                                                    

If there is a guest celebrating a special occasion, please let me know - I give complementary gifts (e.g. champagne, roses, chocolate or flowers,)              


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