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- I was born and brought up in The Bahamas and am from Sandy Point, Abaco, Bahamas. I have lived in Grand Bahama and Nassau, so know the islands and the people very well

- I have worked in the travel and tourism industry in The Bahamas for over 26 years now. I love the work, love meeting people and enjoy my job providing taxi and tour services here in this beautiful part of the world.

- I have an 18 Year old son and he has been a great help in keeping me up with the latest technology in my job - he has helped me give even better customer service using email, mobile and now, with my new website

- I have lots of hobbies and interests. I love traveling, fishing, reading and cooking. If you were to book a picnic tour, you will have the opportunity of tasting some of the local dishes, expertly cooked by locals that I know cook Bahamian food the way it should be!

I'm always interested in other people hobbies and interests. in fact, it's always worth mentioning your hobbies to me, when you book a taxi tour - you might find that we could arrange an itinerary to include some of those hobbies!

I think it important to contribute locally and to the industry I work in. So, I actively participate in both the political side of the industry and also, locally contributing my time as to the Bahamian community

- I am the former Chairman of the Women's' Branch of one of the Political Parties here in The Bahamas

- I am also the former Vice-President of The Bahamas Taxi Cab Union (only the second woman to hold this position) The taxi Union is the oldest union in The Bahamas

- Also, I am the former PDA President of the Sea Life School (held the position for 4 years)


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