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Providing professional, comfortable and reliable transportation services in The Bahamas - taking pride in giving you the best customer service for all of your taxi and guided tour needs.

Latest news - I now have a fleet of 3 brand new Luxury 15 Seater Hiace Toyota Taxi Vans - fully air conditioned and plenty of room for families, large groups, luggage, shopping and picnics lunches.

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Bahamas Tour Services

If you are heading to the Bahamas, you might like to consider a guided tour - my tour services can help you discover fascinating historical sites and the beautiful natural history that our island has to offer.

Add to that, deserted beaches and a few hidden secrets and you can guarantee that you will make the most of your trip.

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Bahamas Taxi Services

As well as my tours, I also provide safe and reliable taxi services.

My most popular taxi service is the pick-up and transfer to and from Nassau Airport. With this service, I will be at the arrivals lounge waiting for you when your plane lands, holding a card up with your name on it, so you can recognize me easily.

Having lived here in The Bahamas my whole life, I know the roads very well, including all the traffic hot spots. This means I can get you around quickly and you can be reassured that you will arrive at the airport at the time you want to be there.

I provide my services throughout the entire Nassau Bahamas area, including Cable Beach, The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Downtown and as well as sites of historical interest and many of the Bahamas hidden secrets that you might not otherwise discover.

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Fixed Prices

I give you a fixed price on all your journeys, so there will be no nasty surprises on the cost, just good customer service.

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As well as the popular airport services, airport, I also provide taxi services around the island,.

Whatever the journey, whether you have an appointment you need to make, you need to go shopping, or just want to get around the island, I pride myself on being on time and providing great communication.

You will have my personal cell phone number, which I always answer - you can find the number at the top of this page.


Customer Service is Very Important to Me

Providing real customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of the job. So, when you book a time to be picked up at the airport or any other taxi journey, I will be there on time.

When you pay for an 8 hour sightseeing trip, that is the minimum time of the tour. No cost-cutting, no rip-offs, no hanging around waiting, just excellent customer service.

I also have child seats, so if you have kids, please let me know beforehand and I can arrange to have them set up in the taxi for you



I like to keep my prices competitive, providing great value for money for both taxi services and for my tours. Prices for taxi rides are regulated by the Government of The Bahamas - Official Bahamas Taxi Rates (PDF)

My tours are also great value - the prices are fixed with you beforehand, so you do not need to worry about any extra or hidden charges - The quote you get is what you pay - no hidden charges!

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