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Something that a lot of my guests find really useful is the fact that I can accept payment by credit card.

This is quite unusual for a taxi company in The Bahamas and I was one of the first taxi and tour companies to accept credit cards here.

I am very proud to have had my story feature on the official MasterCard website - you can read the full article about me here

MasterCard made the effort to come out and interview me, making me one of their 'cashless pioneers', with their moto "every transaction has a story."

These days, over 60% of my payments are made using credit card, so you can be sure that we know how to make it work!

Below, you can see a picture from the article about me and my business, as featured on the website.

Credit Card Taxis in The Bahamas

I also accept VISA, American Express and also, Discover cards, as well as MasterCard.


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